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Welcome to the 2015 season

The Holliston Senior Softball League will be kicking off the 2015 campaign on Sunday April 19th.  The league, which is open to Holliston residents 35 and older, has been a haven for "not quite over the hill but definitely on it" men in Holliston for 44 years. And it's as beloved as Fiske's and Balancing Rock. 

2014 Champion Braggville seeks to repeat as champion this year, but they'll need to pass through perennial powerhouses DYR and The Hood to get there. The era of parity continues. 

This year, we move to an 8 team A division and a 6 team B division. As always, the top two B Division teams will swap divisions with the bottom two A Division teams (records including playoff games). And to sweeten the pot, the B Division winner will once again receive the coveted Cupcake Trophy. 

New players need to provide proof of residency (or give board members lavish gifts) to play. We're playing at the High School (no fence!) and not at Goodwill (screw that foul ball rule!) until the Kampersals sell right field to a lucky home buyer. Then it's "So long, Kampy's" and "Hello again, Goodwill!" 

Some things never change: Dues are still $50, you can still overrun every base (God bless America!) and the season will conclude on June 28 with the annual pizza and beer extravaganza at Pinecrest. 

Play ball! 

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